during chapter 9 Joe uses a specific language technique called symbolism to give a something an additional meaning to its literal meaning. when Joe was hanging in the crevasse he notices a “pillar of gold light” he then becomes mesmerized by this beam of light and starts to find himself letting go and forgetting about the uncertain darkness below, this shows that to Joe the light is symbolizing hope of way out or chance of survival. this symbolism of the light changes Joe’s perspective of the current situation he is in from being frightened of the deep void below to now being somewhat at peace and leaving behind all the negative thoughts for that moment “the weary frightened hours of night were forgotten and the abseil which had filled me with such claustrophobic dread had been swept away”. Joe now finds himself in a positive mindset and starts to now become confident that he will reach the point where the beam of light is entering the crevasse. this is all a result of the symbolism of the light bringing hope to Joe.

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