26th September 2018

Now and Then

place: redcliffs primary school

time frame 1: now at 16 years old after the earthquake

time frame 2: then at 6-7 years old during the earthquake

scenery: autumn trees, sand pit, big field, classrooms, playgrounds, cliff

colours/smells/tastes/textures/sounds:brown/orange/yellow leaves, green grass, white buildings, red clay cliffs, fresh cut grass, kids screaming/laughing, shaking and rumbling, dust, 

what is happening a person or creature present in this scene: teachers roaming hallways, kids running playing tag, earthquake, frightened children and teachers in distress. panic, cliff falling, gathering on the field, 

other details: 

You are presented with a warm inviting breeze welcoming you through the tall green gates, first hearing then, seeing your friends from a distance playing an intense game of tag on the playground which lies on top of the choppy layer of cinnamon bark. the caretaker leisurely mowing the last strip of grass creating stripes of different shades of green, in preparation for the summer time. hearing teachers yelling in attempt to slow down the exhilarating speed of children dashing through the courtyard and down the hallways to class in response to the bells blaring shriek followed by the intimidating sound of feet stampeding across the asphalt. your eyes stare in astonishment at the sheer size of the copper coloured clay cliffs that extend above towering over the school dwarfing everything below. a violent vibration starts to erupt for beneath your feet causing severe disorientation. the colossal cliff vigorously factures abruptly, dismantling the cliffs skeleton causing the cliff to collapse. monstrous chunks of clay falling through the haze of powdered clay. 

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