• the reason the technical jargon used in touching the void has not been explained is because the writer has written to a target audience expecting people who are going to read the book are people who are mountain climbing enthusiasts bringing their own understanding and knowledge of mountain climbing jargon. the writer has also written the text in a way that reading around the technical jargon will help give an idea on the topic to create somewhat of an understanding for somebody who is not familiar with the technical jargon used.
  • Technical jargon used.⇓⇓
  •  Serac: the ridge on the surface of a glacier. this technical jargon used is important because in the text the climbers find themselves faced with a challenge and the technical jargon used is one of the factors contributing to the problem. when the reader reads this technical jargon they gain and understanding from an image put in their head which makes the text more interesting.
  • Bivi: a form of temporary camp. this technical jargon used is important because during this section of text the characters are talking about being exhausted and cold. using bivi gives the reader an image of the characters setting up a bivi in the position they are in

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