16th February 2018

what has been included

the images presented in the text: when it the text says ‘the sight of my blackened fingertips’ it puts an image in our head of his severely frostbitten fingers caused by the harsh conditions of the mountain. we picture frostbitten fingers because we know that they are in the cold mountains. when it says ‘i couldn’t fiddle with the small key to the petrol stove’ it puts an image in our head of the difficulty he is experiencing because of his frostbitten fingers and we picture him struggling to use his ands for a simple task that he would normally be able to do. when the text says ‘i gazed across at the icy white sweep of Sarapo’ it creates an image of the character looking out in deep thought to a mountain covered in ice across from where they are, we know this is some sort of mountain because the text has a capital for Sarapo meaning it is a place.

how do these images affect our understanding of the events: the image of ‘blackened fingertip’ affects our understanding of the text because we picture him trying to use his hands but it being difficult because of the frostbite which makes the reader believe that he will have difficulty getting off the mountain. when the text puts an image in our head of the ‘i gazed across at the icy white sweep of Sarapo’ it affects the way we understand because the way the text has been written it shows a sense of him in deep thought thinking about leaving the mountain and who he is leaving behind making him feel guilty to survive and makes the reader empathetic to the characters struggle.

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